FunFair Crypto Review a Sleeping Giant?

Funfair Crypto Review
FunFair Crypto Review

Thanks for reading my in-depth analysis Funfair Crypto Review. Is Funfair a sleeping Giant? The Casino gambling industry seems like the perfect early adopter of blockchain gaming.

Companies that offer better odds and a more transparent gambling environment may prove to be lucrative investments in the future if they can reach mainstream acceptance.

In fact, one of my favorite selling points about Funfair is that they seem to market their software to casinos that mainstream audiences might gravitate towards without any realization that they are using games that rely on cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Okay, so let’s begin to analyze Funfair from an investment perspective.

 FunFair Crypto Review What is FunFair?

The Funfair token is an ERC20 token(Ethereum cryptocurrency) that brands itself as a blockchain platform that allows anyone regardless of where they are located to be able to create an online casino within seconds. So basically if you have ever had a desire to build an online casino then Funfair will provide you the software and support to get started.

Funfair states on their website that they can provide casino operators a platform that boasts faster games which are cheaper to run than any Blockchain platform available at the moment.

The best exchange to purchase FUN is on the popular Binance exchange after buying the token you can store it in a secure ERC-20 compatible wallet such as myetherwallet.

Funfairs competition

Funfair apparently has the lead technology wise over its competitors I’m not even sure if it has any viable competitors at this moment I feel like it is the leader in this niche so far.

The one aspect of Funfair that I enjoy from an investment perspective is that the technology is ahead of the competitors and I personally always try to invest in the best technology although sometimes that does not mean it will be a successful investment.

FunFairs Marketing strategy

While Good technology is essential, I also believe equally that a good marketing strategy is important especially if you wish for the Funfair token price to increase in value in the future. The marketing team behind Funfair will have to reach out to partners and explain the benefits of using the funfair platform to operate an online gambling casino.

From what I have seen Funfair has been doing a pretty good job with its social media activity they can be easily found on social media, and it appears they are quite active and often update mainly on Twitter, Reddit and Discord chat.

While they have a Youtube channel and the videos that I have seen are high quality It would be nice if they could produce more videos on youtube explaining the use cases for FunFair and the token.

FunFair Crypto Review-FunFairs Team

The FunFair team is led by its founder Jez San who is a well-known figure in the gaming industry. Investment wise this is what I like to see as I know that the creator is experienced in the gaming industry and most likely has valuable connections that he can use to Funfairs benefit.

Besides Jez Funfairs team seem quite competent, and it appears that Funfair has a sizeable amount of employees which is a good sign as a cryptocurrency investment it means they are well funded and ready to implement work. I also scrolled down to the hiring section on Funfairs website, and it seems they have job openings which are also a good sign as it means that Funfair is growing and developing.

FunFair Crypto Review Token& Price prediction

The total Supply of the FunFair token is quite abundant, so I’m not sure if it can reach above a 1usd in 2018, but anything is possible. At the time of writing this review, the current price of a Funfair token is trading around 0.02 cents-0.03 cents. If Funfair follows the roadmap laid out on its website, then I expect the rate to increase dramatically by the first quarter of 2018. I am estimating that the token will be trading at a price target of 0.20-0.50 cents in 2018.

FunFair Crypto Review Final Analysis

All signs point to a promising and bright future for Funfair if they can reach the milestones they have sought after I feel 2018 and beyond we can see substantial increases in the valuation of the Funfair token. Since its trading at the 0.02-0.03 price range, I would suggest stocking up before the value increases. I feel this investment is legit but please do form your own opinion and understand with any investment especially in cryptocurrency it is a high risk-high reward. Thanks for reading my review I would love to hear your thoughts.

(As always please do your research before investing in crypto projects this review is my own opinion and is not meant to be taken as investment advice.)

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