TenX (PAY) Token Crypto Review

TenX (PAY)
TenX (PAY) Crypto Review

Thanks for reading my TenX (PAY) Token Review so as you know it’s 2017 and CryptoCurrency has made progress since its inception. I remember when Bitcoin was trading around 1usd per coin and at the time of writing this article Bitcoin has reached its all-time highs near 6kusd per coin.

While cryptocurrency has still not reached the mainstream audience that it needs for worldwide acceptance, I believe companies like TenX will speed up the process of mainstream adoption.

So let’s get started what is TENX(PAY)?

First of all, TenX is the company behind the ERC20 PAY Token that utilizes the Ethereum blockchain platform. The PAY Token works in a way such as investors who hold PAY tokens will receive 0.05% rewards for every transaction that happens on the network.

The benefits of owning a PAY token are that the token can increase in value as TenX becomes more popular and you receive rewards from the transactions that will be paid out in Ethereum.

TenX also has released a product that is payment card that converts significant cryptos such as Bitcoin, Dash, etc. into the local fiat currency, so it functions as a credit card and is accepted anywhere that allows Visa as a form of payment. The cardholder also receives a reward of 0.01% on purchases that they make with the card.

It’s fantastic that TenX has released a card and has a working product, but they are having problems fulfilling orders which have led to a decrease in value for the PAY token. As an investment though I feel PAY is at a good entry point and if you wish to invest in TenX the price is very low at the moment, and I expect it should increase towards the end of 2017.

TenX (PAY) Review

The TenX card is pretty exciting news because you can use the card at merchants who accept visa but also you can use it at ATMs to withdraw cash(Fiat). Exchanges are expensive in my country so if I could use TenX to convert my crypto to money(fiat) then its a big deal for me as I will be able to save money and not have to deal with exchanges as often.

TenX has an ambitious roadmap, and due to the recent issues with distributing the card, I feel a lot of investors forget that TenX plans to launch more than a payment card it has created its own network labeled the comit network which describes itself as a cryptographically- secure off the chain multi-asset instant network for transactions.

TenX also plans to offer investment products towards the end of 2018 and eventually has plans to obtain a Banking license. I feel that at its current price TenX is being undervalued and will increase in price once they solve the distribution problem with the TenX cards investors should see a significant increase in the valuation of the PAY token.

The Best place to store TenX is in secure hardware wallets or online wallets such as myetherwallet. The easiest place to purchase the TenX token is on the popular Kucoin exchange.

TenX (PAY) Marketing Strategy

From an Investment standpoint, I see all excellent signs that the TenX team has an active social media presence and issues new videos often which is a great sign the team seems to be open and not hiding which unfortunately in the crypto world happens often. They seem to take advantage of Social media and have a large following on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media sites. Having a substantial social media presence is excellent and from what I have seen TenX cares about the TenX community and appears to address often the concerns of PAY investors which is comforting because when you invest in a cryptocurrency, there is nothing scarier than being left out in the dark. Lack of communication from any team in a crypto investment should be viewed as a bad sign and potential scam.

The TenX (PAY) Team

The Co-founders and team members look to be engaging and competent in the roles that play at TenX. Julian, you will often see on Youtube as he is enjoyable to watch and can capture his targeted audiences attention. They have been backed by some heavyweights in the crypto industry Fenbushi capital is one of the investors in TenX, and this is an excellent sign as one of the General partners of Fenbushi Capital Vitalik Buterin is the founder of the Ethereum blockchain.

TenX (PAY) Crypto Review Final Analysis

The Future seems packed with potential for TenX they are a growing company that is hiring(good sign) and they are almost ready to move into their new office headquarters which is based in Singapore a country known for its Fantastic Banking laws and innovation. I will be personally investing a small amount in TenX, and I feel that you might wish to consider TenX as an investment as they have a working product and plans that should add value to the price of the PAY token.

PAY tokens that are in circulation are 205,218,255.9 total supply. This is a good sign, and in my personal opinion, it means that based on its current valuation of 1.88usd TenX should see x5 growth minimum in 2018 if they fulfill the path they have laid out in the TenX roadmap. As with any investment decide your risk tolerance and only invest what you are willing to lose.

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(As always please do your research before investing in crypto projects this review is my own opinion and is not meant to be taken as investment advice.)