Civic Crypto Review (CVC) future of identity verification?

Civic Crypto Review
Civic Crypto Currency Review (CVC)

Thanks for checking out my Civic Crypto Review this is one of my favorite alt-coins, and I feel it could be an up and coming cryptocurrency to watch out for in the future.

Civic describes itself as a decentralized identity platform that offers a more secure and cost-effective alternative to the current mainstream identity verification companies.

Please keep in mind when I do these
Crypto Reviews it’s my personal opinion, and this is not investment advice although I do my best to make valid points on why specific cryptocurrencies might perform well or unwell in the future just keep in mind to always do your own research before investing your hard-earned money.


My Civic Crypto Review Analysis and Research

When I start analyzing cryptocurrencies such as Civic, I check off different criteria to determine if I’m interested in investing in the particular cryptocurrency.

The information I look for before I begin Reviewing Cryptos such as Civic is as follows:

-Cryptocurrency Standard description and details:
-Crypto Roadmap
-Team: I factor in the whole Crypto team and check to see if they are legitimate
-Social Media presence: Do they update investors often and market their cryptocurrency well?
-Investment Analysis: Is the cryptocurrency worth investing in or should you stay clear.

So let’s begin the Civic Crypto Review!

Civic is an ERC-20 token that runs on the powerful Ethereum blockchain. Civic the company was founded in 2015 but its crypto launched on 21/06/2017 so its a new Crypto Currency less than six months old at the time of writing this article.

The Current Market Cap: 104,616,263usd
Circulating Supply of coins: 340,240,000
Total Supply of Coins: 1,000,000,000
Pre Mined
Current Token Holders: 26481 addresses

Civic Function and use: Without going into much technical detail It appears Civic has three primary purposes.

-The first purpose is that Civic is a secure Identity platform

-The second service that Civic offers are Identity theft protection and Insurance.

-The Third Function of Civic is that it acts as a marketplace where Users, Service Providers, Validators, and Governments interact with one another.

Civic Crypto Review: Roadmap

Since 2017 is almost complete, I will focus on the Civic Roadmap in 2018. The good news is thus far Civic has been on track and has met all of its goals. As an Investor, this is a positive sign as it means the team behind Civic takes its roadmap seriously.

1st Quarter of 2018 Closed Beta:

-Specific Identity service providers can act with independence on the Civic Network

Civic will be updating it App so that it will include general KYC functions.

– Reusable KYC will be allowed in the marketplace

2nd Quarter Highlights of 2018 Open Beta:

– Open enrolment of identity providers begin

– Enrolment partners are allowed to begin using fiat currency on the Civic Marketplace.

– Marketplace SDKs Available to the public

3rd Quarter 2018 Civic Highlights

-Full Release of the Civic Marketplace.

Civic 4th quarter of 2018 Highlights

-All users will be able to submit orders using CVC/USD on the Civic platform.


As you can see Civic will be fully operational towards the end of 2018 as a Crypto investor, I prefer to invest in projects early since I can usually get better returns on my investment. Civic will not be fully launched for another year so investors will be able to accumulate CVC slowly is they desire.

Civic Crypto Review: Team members

Let’s look into the team Civic has a high profile CEO who has appeared on the South African television version of Dragons Den shark tank Vinny Lingham. He seems entirely accomplished in the technological space starting and selling profitable companies. The CTO Jonathan Smith appears to be a veteran in the banking and tech sectors which is a good sign as he can use connections in these areas to promote adoption of the Civic platform.

It appears that the Civic team is small in size the only other employee information I could find about Civic was on its linked in page where it mentions it has between 11-50 employees and, to be honest as an investor I don’t like to see this as I have a feeling they might be contracting parts of the project out.

Furthermore, I could not find information on the Civic website about employee job postings, so this is a red flag for investors as it does not appear like the team is growing or feels the need to hire.

Personally, as someone who loves the concept of this project, I feel like they could hire more staff especially if they plan on launching in 2018.

 Civic Crypto Review Social Media Presence

Vinny Lingham is the visible Public Figure and Promoter for the Civic Platform he does a good job using his celebrity to promote his company. Civic has a good twitter following, and it appears that is where you can find the most recent updates on the Civic platform. They also have a Facebook page but it seems to be less active then twitter. They have a Reddit page that is active so that’s a good signal.

I feel like Civic could benefit significantly by promoting its brand better they need to create more video content.

Civic Crypto Review investment Analysis

As a Concept I like Civic, but as an investor, I feel like there are better Cryptocurrencies out there that will give you a better return on money invested.

I would only recommend allocating a small portion of your funds into Civic (CVC) as it’s high risk.

Here are a few reasons why I feel like Investing in Civic is High Risk:

The team does not seem to be very concerned about Token Investors. Usually, crypto teams who care about the price of the token will be engaging the audience more often on social media and keeping them up to date because Civic does not appear to be doing this could be taken as a bad sign for investors.

The Civic team is small, and I could not find much information on other team members besides the CEO and CTO.

Civic might be keeping its team small for a reason they might be hoping to be bought out by a competitor such as Equifax the CEO has a history of founding companies and then selling them for a profit.

I feel like Civic could be easily purchased, and the CVC token would not even be needed for the platform to exist when taken over by a competitor users and partners can use fiat currency on the Civic platform instead of the CVC token.

Thanks for checking out my Civic Crypto Review these are my personal opinions, and I do really like the concept of Civic, but as an investment, you will be able to reach better profits elsewhere.


(As always please do your research before investing in crypto projects this review is my own opinion and is not meant to be taken as investment advice.)


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