(RLC) Cryptocurrency Review Altcoin (RLC) Crypto Review
           (RLC) Crypto Review

Today I will be reviewing (RLC) Crypto a promising Ethereum Based token that functions as a blockchain-based distributed cloud computing platform. is the blockchain-based distributed cloud computing platform, and RLC is the Ethereum based ERC-20 Token which stands for “Run on lots of computers.”

For this review, before I confuse myself any further, I will be discussing them as one since they need one another to function although is a blockchain and RLC is a token that operates on it.

I’m not a technical expert so this review is based solely on investment potential and if could be a lucrative opportunity for Crypto Investors. (RLC) Crypto Review Introduction describes it’s platform as the Ethereum cloud where the company will be able to power decentralized apps such as High-performance computing, Artificial intelligence, Big Data and various other use cases that you can find mentioned on the website.

As an investor this project has lots of upsides, it’s website was recently updated, and they have hired a new marketing team to promote this unhyped cryptocurrency. (RLC) is currently undervalued in my opinion it’s trading at around 0.60 cents and has a 47,558,631 market cap. It has a total supply of 86,999,785 RLC tokens and a circulating amount of 79,070793 tokens.

As an investor, there is much to love about they have a small market cap and supply of tokens.

Currently, the best place to purchase RLC tokens seems to be the popular Binance exchange. (RLC) Crypto Review Team Members

Analyzing the team, I discovered quite a few top-notch fellows and highly educated individuals that are recognized in their respective fields.

I was surprised to see that five of the team members hold Ph.D.’s which I took to be a good sign as it shows their commitment to their field of studies.

Another promising sign is that apart from one fellow at all of the staff seem to be working in Lyon, France in collaboration. The team at the moment is composed of 14 members but is growing, and they have four job openings posted on the website already. (RLC) Crypto Review Marketing

I see that has started to market heavily and in the next few months, they are scheduled to be speaking at favorite blockchain conferences all over the world. I’m personally looking forward to seeing what they reveal during the Devcon3 conference coming up on Nov 1-4 2017.

The team has been engaging its audience on Twitter and Reddit, and they seem to be quite productive on Github.

I expect soon to see more people interested in the platform. (RLC) Crypto Review Investment Analysis

Considering the low market cap and professional team this cryptocurrency has a lot going for it, and I have personally invested in this promising crypto as the fundamentals are high.

I assume will only increase in value over time and I firmly believe will experience massive growth in 2018 I believe a lot of people will look back and regret that they did not board this rocket ship.


(As always please do your research before investing in crypto projects this review is my own opinion and is not meant to be taken as investment advice.)


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