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Status (SNT) Crypto Review
                           Status (SNT) Crypto Review

Thanks for checking out my Status (SNT) Crypto Review with Devcon 3 only a couple of days away I figured it would be a good idea to review Status (SNT) an ERC-20 Ethereum based token.

The Status project as an investment was one of the most popular Icos of 2017 they raised significant capital within a few hours. Unfortunately, to the surprise of some investors of the ICO Status price, went below and is still trading under the ICO price at the moment.

Does time heal all wounds? Let’s be honest it’s been a bumpy ride for Status(SNT) Investors, but patience might be finally paying off this is crypto after all, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

Investing in cryptocurrencies, you soon realize anything can happen in crypto land such as falling below ICO prices once hitting the exchanges and then soaring to new highs months later(hopefully).

Status (SNT) Crypto Review- Introduction

The Status Network Token (SNT) is an open source messenger platform that runs on users mobile browsers. It will allow people to communicate with decentralized applications(DApps) which run on the powerful Ethereum Network.

The best exchanges to purchase SNT tokens are on the popular Kucoin and Binance platforms. After purchasing the tokens you can then store them in a secure online wallet such as myetherwallet.

The current market cap of Status is 131,310,613 USD, and the current circulating supply of tokens is 3,470,483,788 SNT and Status has a total lifetime supply of 6,804,870,174 SNT tokens.

As an investor, I like the fact that the market cap is still quite low for Status once they have a working product I would expect that the market cap will multiply.

The supply of Status tokens, to be honest, is enormous almost seven billion tokens but for what they aim to accomplish I believe the developers did this for a reason.

Status (SNT) Crypto Review- Team

Carl and Jarrad, the two co-founders of the Status team, have already seen success with past tech-related projects so if history repeats itself then I’m sure Status will have a spectacular future.

The Status Network Token bills itself as a community-driven project and from what I can see they have eight core contributors and seem to be growing they have job postings listed on the website so if you need work hit them up.

Investment wise the team looks stable, and it’s a community-driven project which I usually prefer to invest in with cryptocurrencies as having an active community will benefit the price of the Status(SNT) token in the years to come.

Status (SNT) Crypto Review- Marketing

Status does an excellent job with marketing, and I see lots of updates on Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit. They are moving from slack to Riot chat so that the community is safer unfortunately slack users have become a frequent target for scammers in the crypto world. They have a decent Youtube channel, and the videos are compelling to watch although quite technical.

The Founders of Status are often guest speakers at high profile blockchain events so if you wish to see them live you may get the chance as they usually travel worldwide speaking at events.

Speaking of notable events, and marketing I almost forgot to mention that Status is the Universal Sponsor of Devcon 3 that’s taking place this year in the beautiful resort area of Cancun, Mexico.

For sure the Devcon 3 conference will bring a significant amount of attention to Status (SNT). Jarrad will be addressing the audience on November 2nd and has mentioned that they have exciting updates regarding the Status project.

Status(SNT) Crypto Review- Investment Analysis

Personally, I feel that this project will be a massive success in the future and could be a good investment. Status is a long-term hold, and as ICO investors have discovered it will be hard to make significant short-term gains as the value of the token will fluctuate.

If you believe in the Status token, then the buy-in price at the moment is more then fair as it’s below the ICO price. Hopefully, investors should see an upward trend from here on out.

My thoughts in regards to the Status network token is that it is a real project that has a lot of potentials if it succeeds.
I will be holding this token myself long-term. As always invest at your own risk these are my thoughts that I choose to share and hopefully shed some insight on promising crypto projects.


(As always please do your research before investing in crypto projects this review is my own opinion and is not meant to be taken as investment advice.)


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