Waves Platform Review: Blockchain the Rise of Decentralized Exchanges

Waves Platform Review: Blockchain the Rise of Decentralized Exchanges
                              Waves Platform Review

The Waves platform could prove to be a lucrative investment if DEX takes off as many believe in 2018/2019. It’s hard for investors not to feel sideways about the future of Waves it’s a blockchain platform loaded with promising features that are simple enough to use that even I can figure out how to navigate them.

I am predicting with the latest Waves updates we shall soon see price increases and all-time highs in the upcoming months.

I will be reviewing the Waves platform and be discussing why I expect Waves to have a stable future in the crypto world.

I won’t be doing a technical analysis of Waves so there will be many essential functions of the Waves platform that I will not be explaining, but instead, I am speaking from an Investment perspective and why you might be interested in the Waves platform.

The Topics that I will be covering in the review will be:

* Introduction to the Waves Platform
* The Waves Team
* Waves Marketing Strategy
* Investment Analysis

The aim in all of my reviews is to establish that the cryptocurrency is legitimate as there are many scams out there and then decide if the cryptocurrency is a worthy investment.

To be honest, I was unsure of the Waves Platform when I first noticed it I had often seen some heavy shilling going on at the Bitcointalk forum, so it had given me doubts about the project sometimes when everyone starts to praise a cryptocurrency it sets of warning signs in my eyes.

Over time I saw that the developers were serious about the Waves platform and the goals of the project were being met I finally then had a change of heart and decided to research the potential of the Waves platform.

Here is what I discovered:

Waves Platform Review- Introduction

The Waves Platform is eye-catching if you visit the website and use some of the features you will soon begin to understand what I’m saying.

As an investor ease of use is something that I take into consideration when investing in a cryptocurrency it could mean increased adoption as the easier a platforms interface is to use the faster it could grow.

I’m not sure how to describe the Waves Platform it is a multifunctional Blockchain with a Waves token. The primary use cases being that you can create custom tokens on the Waves platform that allows one to develop and transfer the exchange of custom and fiat tokens and assets through the Blockchain without any volatility.

So to sum that up basically Waves enables companies or individuals to launch tokens and ICOS.

Tokenization happens to not be the only impressive feature of the Waves platform they have a Decentralized exchange that is being enhanced to create a more pleasant trading environment with added features, and when fully operational the value of the Waves token should see an increase in price.

Waves will also be launching smart contracts in the future thus allowing them to compete with other popular block chains such as Ethereum.

Waves-NG was recently deployed, and the transaction speed of the platform was enhanced significantly, in fact, it can now handle hundreds of transactions per second — making it the fastest blockchain in existence.It seems like the technology of the Waves platform is cutting edge and continuously being updated.

Before I forget to mention Waves is an LPOS Cryptocurrency, and that means owners of Waves tokens can lease them to miners and earn interest.

If you wish to mine Waves, you will need to have a minimum of 10,000 Waves in your wallet plus download and create a node. I have heard that the Waves team plans on reducing the mining amount to 1000 in the upcoming months so that more people will be able to mine Wave tokens.

You can purchase Waves on the popular Binance exchange and store them in the official Waves wallet.

The Current Market Cap of the Waves Token is:$347,157,000usd, and it has a circulating supply of 100,000,000 WAVES.

Waves Platform Review- Team Members

The only team member that I could find information about was the Founder of the Waves platform Sasha Ivanov. I would like to see more transparency on the website in regards to team members as it helps establish trust while investing in the cryptocurrency.

Regardless of that fact I did see numerous job openings listed on the Waves website all of which were based in Moscow, Russia. I consider it to be a good sign since it means the company is expanding and developing.


Waves Platform Review- Marketing

Sasha Ivanov is the founder of the Waves platform and will be speaking at many essential blockchain events in the upcoming months so it should increase the awareness of the Waves blockchain.

Waves Social media strategy is excellent, and I noticed that they have a large following on popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc. The Waves personal blog is interesting, and they update it with fresh content often.

When I checked the Waves  Youtube channel, they had posted many videos which is an excellent sign since video marketing is a smart way for brands to build awareness.

Overall I like the way Waves markets the platform the only criticism I have is when I clicked on the Bitcointalk link displayed on the Waves Website it took me to a thread on the forum where the moderators locked it.

Image Wise that does not look the best when your cryptocurrency thread is locked so I believe Waves should remove that Bitcointalk link from the website.

Waves Platform Review- Investment analysis

During 2018/2019 we will see an increased interest from the community in regards to using Decentralized Exchanges, and I feel like the Waves platform stands to benefit from this increased adoption.

With the implementation of Smart contracts in 2018 and the criteria of having over 10,000 waves tokens needed to establish a node changing to 1000 Waves, I can easily foresee a further increase in price and believe that it could be wise to invest in the Waves platform for future profits.

(As always please do your research before investing in crypto projects this review is my own opinion and is not meant to be taken as investment advice.)

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