List of CryptoCurrency and BlockChain Courses

PeculiarMonkeys has started to compile a list of popular websites that offer Crypto and Blockchain related courses. Some of the courses listed are free and others you will need to pay for a membership. If we are missing a site that you believe deserves to be listed, then please send us an email.



Lynda– which is owned by the popular social media site LinkedIN offers an extensive list of crypto related courses and at a low monthly price. This is my favourite site to use when learning about blockchain technology.

Udemy– Udemy offers a broad selection of cryptocurrency and blockchain related courses. This would be my second favourite choice after using

Khan Academy– Offers a limited amount of cryptocurrency related courses but the good news is that they are free.

Coursera– Offers  a large number of cryptocurrency and blockchain courses.

BlockGeeks– They seem to offer a large amount of courses but the price of the courses do seem to be on the expensive side. I would advise to use Lynda or Udemy as they charge a lot less for blockchain related courses and still provide users with many courses.

IBM– Offers a free Blockchain course for developers that are new to blockchain technology.

University of Nicosia– The largest private university in Cyprus offers a free online course taught by renowned Bitcoin experts Andreas Antonopoulos and Antonis Polemitis.

B9labAcademy– Offers a free Ethereum 101 online learning course that takes around four hours to complete. B9l ab Academy also offers other courses but they are expensive and I would recommend trying or Udemy before purchasing any courses from this site.



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