Bitquence (BQX) Crypto Review

Bitquence (BQX) Crypto Review
Bitquence (BQX) Crypto Review

Bitquence (BQX) describes itself as the people-powered cryptocurrency platform for everyone. It’s an ERC-20 Based token, so it runs on the powerful Ethererum blockchain.

Bitquence has a bold vision they aim to make the cryptocurrency market more accessible to mainstream investors. Bitquence goal is to provide a reliable platform where investors can hold multiple assets securely.

I believe companies such as Bitquence will play a lead role in bridging the gap between cryptocurrency markets and the masses.


I will be reviewing Bitquence as an investment so tech wise I may not be discussing all of the exciting features of the platform. The Four key areas that I will address will be:

* Bitquence- Introduction
* The BQX Team
* Marketing Strategy
* Investment analysis


Bitquence (BQX) Cryptocurrency Review- Introduction

I would describe Bitquence as a safe, secure multi-asset decentralized wallet that allows users to gain exposure to numerous cryptocurrencies all within a click of a button.

Bitquence functions as a multi-platform running on the Ethereum blockchain it is an ERC-20 based token. Additionally, Bitquence will also be rewarding members who provide accurate risk assessments of coins within the Bitquence community.

The Current Market cap that Bitquence holds is 59,379,205 USD, and they have a circulating supply of 71,890,616 BQX tokens with a total amount of 222,295,208 BQX tokens.

I have read that Bitquence plans to hold 40% of the tokens for liquidity reasons on the platform. That is a good sign since releasing that amount of tokens on to the market could devalue the current price of the token.

Furthermore, I have heard people in the crypto community criticize the Bitquence roadmap as being plain, and although I admit it is somewhat simple, roadmaps are meant to give a person a quick idea of the direction a cryptocurrency is heading.

I recommend everyone to read Bitquences whitepaper before investing so that you understand the investment and the companies goals.

Bitquence (BQX) Crypto Review- The Team

The team is composed of individuals who have lots of experience in the tech and financial sectors. They seem like-motivated individuals who have the connections and expertise to bring awareness to the Bitquence platform.

I noticed ten team members on the website, and I could not locate a hiring page which Is something that I usually check for since it’s a good indicator that a company is growing.

Bitquence (BQX) Blockchain review- Marketing Strategy

To be honest, this is an area where they could improve on substantially.

It’s not that Bitquence is doing a horrible job at marketing it’s the fact that the competition in the crypto space is fierce and many cryptocurrencies have effective marketing strategies in place that will steal the shine away from projects such as Bitquence.

Areas that I noticed which could use some improvement would be the YouTube channel. The channel has a decent amount of videos, but the last video was posted over a month ago. If they use this venue for marketing then they need to post bi-weekly at least so that they can retain the current amount of subscribers and capture new audiences.

The Bitquence forum looks pretty dead to me there is not much activity on there. I think that Bitquence should get rid of the forum and update the investors and community members more frequently with weekly blog posts.

Even on Twitter, they need to tweet or retweet more frequently. The Reddit community is a decent size and probably the best place to find essential updates in regards to Bitquence. They also have a Bitcointalk thread with some activity.

I’m not trying to be critical of Bitquence but marketing wise they should be utilizing social media a lot more then they do.

Bitquence (BQX) platform review- Investment Analsyis

The Bitquence team has a strong vision but will need to step up its community engagement in the following months to see an increase of valuation in the token.

It would be wise for the Bitquence team to try and get listed on more exchanges as they will need more exposure to generate brand awareness between investors and users of the platform.

The best exchange to purchase Bitquence right now seems to be the Binance exchange.

Bitquence has seen incredible growth in the last six months the price valuation jumped from a few cents from this summer to a peak value of over a dollar by August. So if you were hoping to make huge gains, you might have already missed the train.

I believe that the BQX token will increase in valuation in 2018, but with so many other promising projects going live in 2018 I feel profit wise you could earn better returns elsewhere.

Also as an investor with so little updates happening from the Bitquence team, it’s unsettling and until they do a better job of communicating I would not invest in the project.

If you do choose to invest in Bitquence, I would only suggest investing a small amount of money.

(As always please do your research before investing in crypto projects this review is my own opinion and is not meant to be taken as investment advice.)


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