WeTrust (TRST) Crypto Review: Insurance/Lending

WeTrust (TRST) Crypto Review: Insurance/Lending
WeTrust (TRST) Crypto Review: Insurance/Lending

WeTrust (TRST) is an exciting Cryptocurrency project they aim to be a decentralized platform that offers users financial products.

Decentralized financial services will ensure that more people benefit more these financial instruments they also open up the doors to a more fair and transparent business sector.

We all know that something is wrong with how the current financial markets work. Financial services usually only benefit the wealthy. I believe decentralized platforms such as WeTrust will help the unbanked and foster trust in a traditional industry that has been corrupted by the elite few.

The Mission and vision are revolutionary if companies such as WeTrust succeed it will be a benefit to humankind.

I will be reviewing WeTrust, and it’s token TRST as an Investment, and in this review, I will be going over four main highlights that I search for before I decide to Invest in a cryptocurrency.

* Introduction to WeTrust– Understanding the investment.
* The Team– Analyzing the experience of the team.
* Marketing– Are they implementing proper marketing strategies.
* Investment analysis– Deciding if it’s a worthwhile investment.


WeTrust(TRST) Blockchain Review- Introduction

WeTrust is a community-driven decentralized lending and insurance blockchain that also runs on the Ethereum network.

TRST is the native cryptocurrency token that is utilized on the WeTrust platform. TRST is an ERC-20 token so you can hold it in popular wallets such as myetherwallet or other compatible wallets that accepts ERC-20 based tokens.

The first product the trusted lending circles are supposed to be launched next month (December 2017), so the current valuation will most likely soon increase in anticipation for that event.

The current market cap is low for a cryptocurrency with this much potential. WeTrust has a current market cap of 23,334,604 USD. The TRST token has a circulating supply of 92,147,500 TRST tokens and a total amount of 100,000,000 TRST tokens.

WeTrust (TRST) cryptocurrency Review- The WeTrust Team

The WeTrust team is based in the San Francisco Bay area which is fantastic since Silicon Valley provides incredible networking opportunities for promising startups such as WeTrust.

WeTrust’s team is led by highly accomplished individuals who have worked at prominent companies such as Google and graduated from prestigious universities such as UC Berkeley.

They also have some pretty well-known advisors assisting the project such as Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, Bo Shen founding member of Fenbushi Capital and many other highly regarded individuals.

WeTrust has a few job listings on its website which is a fantastic sign that the company is expanding.


WeTrust (TRST) Crypto Review- Marketing strategy

I have read comments from team members that they plan on marketing more closer to the time when they start to launch the first product the Trusted Lending Circles next month.

WeTrust has recently updated their website, and it looks great. They have a large Twitter following and a personal blog where they seem to post bi-weekly.

The Reddit community is small at the moment, but I do expect it to grow in size once this cryptocurrency becomes more well known.

I noticed they have lot’s of recent activity on Github which is a good sign as it means they are working hard gearing up for the launch of their first product the trusted lending circles. WeTrust also has a Bitcointalk thread that is popular on that forum.

Overall they are doing an excellent job at marketing, and I only have a few suggestions that could benefit the team. One idea I had would be to consider switching to Discord or Riot Chat since Slack channels seem to be a scammers paradise these days. They might also stand to benefit by posting more videos on YouTube at frequent intervals so that they can grow their subscriber base.

WeTrust(TRST) Crypto Review- Investment analysis

I would suggest investing a small amount in this cryptocurrency if you feel comfortable doing so. Please understand that this is not investment advice just my personal opinion. Here are a few reasons why I think it could be a good investment.

* Low Market cap lot’s of room to grow
* Current token valuation is low
* Experienced Development team and High profile Advisors
* First working product is being released in December 2017 so a price increase should be expected leading up to the product launch date.

I hope you enjoyed this crypto review, please check out my other reviews below.

(As always please do your research before investing in crypto projects this review is my own opinion and is not meant to be taken as investment advice.)





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