Stox (STX) Crypto Review: Predictions Platform

Stox (STX) Crypto Review: Decentralized Predictions Platform
Stox (STX) Crypto Review: Predictions Platform

Stox (STX) it could be time to stock up on STX the Ethereum based ERC-20 token, and it’s prediction platform. The Stox platform targets mainstream audiences and offers an alternative to traditional financial instruments by using the Stox platform users can participate in prediction events with the sole purpose of making a profit.

In this review I will be analyzing the STX token as an investment and be covering four key areas such as the following:

* Stox- Introduction
* The Team- Who is behind the Stox platform?
*Marketing Strategy- Are they efficiently marketing?
*Investment Analysis- will this be a profitable investment?

Stox (STX) Cryptocurrency Review: Introduction

Stox is an open source decentralized predictions market platform that utilizes the Bancor protocol for liquidity and functions on the Ethereum blockchain. STX is the native token that runs on the platform and it functions as the primary currency participants will use on the platform also STX can be used for fees plus collateral.

The most accessible place to purchase the STX token at the moment seems to be the popular KuCoin exchange, after buying the token make sure to send it to an ERC-20 compatible wallet such as myetherwallet.

The current market cap is pretty low for a cryptocurrency it’s valued at USD 24,011,161 and with a circulating supply of 44,176,494 STX tokens and a total lifetime supply of 59,024,655 STX tokens.

Critical Dates to watch for will be Q1 2018 when they finish developing the Stox App, and then Q2 2018 will be a significant time for investors as that is when the application will be ready, and they plan to launch with, as the debut predictions market provider.

Stox (STX) Decentralized platform Review: The Team

The Stox team is formed by sixteen industry experts, and most of them seem to live in Israel. They boast a sizeable advisory group, in fact, one of the largest I have seen in a crypto project. The advisors are a list of pretty impressive individuals one is the CEO of, and another is a Harvard graduate plus many other accomplishments. I consider this to be a good sign if such esteemed individuals are assisting with this crypto project.

Stox has many industry partnerships with companies such as Cointree, Blockchain Capital, Sirin Labs and many other prominent industry leaders.

Stox (STX) Token Review: Marketing Strategies

According to their roadmap, Stox will be conducting some heavy marketing at the start of Q1 2018. So we should expect more marketing then.

In regards to social media, they are most active on Twitter and Reddit, and I noticed that the Stox team has a Youtube Channel. However, there are not many videos posted on the channel. I believe the Stox platform could do well with a decent video marketing strategy.

Thankfully the Stox team often updates it’s investors with blog posts on as a crypto investor it’s nice to receive frequent updates in regards to the project you are following.

Stox (STX) Crypto Blockchain: Investment Analysis

With the Stox prediction platform set to launch to a massive audience of a targeted group of investors, thanks to its partnership with I believe that the token will only continue to appreciate in value. Furthermore, it has a low market cap with lots of room to grow. If you do decide to invest in the Stox token, I believe holding until at least the second quarter of 2018 will yield the best results for cryptocurrency investors.

(As always please do your research before investing in crypto projects this review is my own opinion and is not meant to be taken as investment advice.)


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  1. Their current app is something you could build with 5K on The worst part is that STOX doesn’t need its own token at all. It’s nothing more tha a prediction – betting site – that may as well accept any tokens like BTC, ETH or anything else. Calling it a prediction app is already giving it too much credit; you just wager on binary outcomes. An ‘App coin’ like this doesn’t leverage token technology (ownership, access, or buying power) in any meaningful way. Just a way to raise funds via ICO hype. You can transfer, wager, trade, and track any other token. Disappointing.

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