Signals (SGN) Token/Crypto Review: Crypto Trading Platform

Signals (SGN) Token/Crypto Review: Crypto Trading Platform
Signals (SGN) Crypto Review: Crypto trading platform

Signals (SGN) is a new cryptocurrency project that allows users the ability to develop crypto trading strategies enhanced by machine learning to generate crypto profits. The Signals platform is easy to use, and it will enable anyone with or without programming skills to be able to create compelling crypto trading strategies.

Users can also test and then sell or buy profitable crypto trading strategies on the Signals platform. I will be reviewing the Signals platform and token as an investment and will go over four essential areas all crypto investors should consider before investing in a crypto project. The four key areas I am reviewing will be the following:

* Signals– Introduction to the project
* Signals– Team Members
* Marketing Strategy- Can they increase brand awareness?
* Investment analysis- Will this be a profitable investment?

Signals (SGN) Crypto Review: Introduction

Signals will be the platform that users develop and test crypto trading strategies on. The SGN token which is an ERC-20 token running on the Ethereum network will function as the only means of payment on the Signals platform. This will mean that if you would like to access any of the paid features running on the platform, you will need SGN tokens to do so. Furthermore, once a token has been used on the Signals platform as a means of payment, a small amount will be burned further increasing the scarcity of the SGN tokens over time.

The Signals team wishes to foster an inclusive environment on the Signals platform where data scientists, developers, and crypto traders can network and develop effective crypto trading strategies based on machine learning algorithms.

The platform is ahead of many competitors at the moment, and the only real competitor would be Enigma, but they differ significantly from Enigma because Signals aims to bring data scientist and crypto traders together on the visually appealing platform. For further information, you can view their whitepaper by clicking here.

Signals (SGN) Blockchain Review: The Team

From the information that I could gather the team is compromised of 20 individuals with nine members being among the core development team. Many of them seem to have solid technical foundations.

The Signals project will be utilizing and it’s decentralized cloud to process significant data computations within reasonable time frames and to lower costs for users. The fact that Signals is partnering with makes me even more bullish on this crypto project.

Signals (SGN) Token Review: Marketing Strategy

Seeing as the project is still in infancy, I do not expect too much in regards to marketing however from what I have seen so far it can be taken as a good sign for things to come. The signals network has developed a loyal following already on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. They also have a Bitcointalk thread on the popular crypto forum.

As far as projects go with only a few days left before they launch their ICO, it’s already generating a significant amount of interest within the crypto community.

Signals (SGN) Blockchain Review: Investment Analysis

The Signals project could be great, and as it’s just beginning, I would recommend keeping up to date with the progress the Signals platform is making. I feel like the team could be developing an innovative platform for crypto traders out there. I would wait and see how Signals develops before investing significant sums of money in the SGN token.

(As always please do your research before investing in crypto projects this review is my own opinion and is not meant to be taken as investment advice.)


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