Everex (EVX) Crypto Review: Money Transfer and Credit Platform

Everex (EVX) Crypto Review: Money Transfer and Credit Platform
Everex (EVX) Crypto Review: Money Transfer and Credit Platform

Everex (EVX) is a token from the developers of the popular Ethereum site named Ethplorer. The website allows users to view their current balance and the top 50 most recently traded ERC-20 tokens within the last 24 hours.

So naturally, when I realized they were launching the EVX token I was intrigued since I enjoy using the Ethplorer site so much. I will be reviewing the Everex token as an Investment, and I’ll be covering four essential areas that I consider to be important when investing in a cryptocurrency. The four areas I will be reviewing are as follows:

* Introduction– What is the EVX Token?
* The Team– Who is behind the Everex project?
* Marketing– Are they able to promote the project successfully?
* Investment Analysis– Will Everex be a good investment?

Everex (EVX) Token Review: Introduction

Everex can be described as a fin-tech company that specializes in applying blockchain solutions to cross-border payments, trading, and lending.

Everex mentions it’s token as being business-backed with four primary utility cases such as:

*Global Credit Scoring
*Incentive and Rewards Mechanism
*EVX as collateral for secured lending

The market cap of the Everex token is valued at USD 26,750,955, and the current supply of tokens is 16,500,000 EVX with a total amount of 25,000,000 EVX tokens. As a crypto investor, a low market cap and supply of tokens often means that we should see a significant increase in the valuation of the token price furthermore the team has real working products not just a whitepaper like some crypto projects.

The most accessible place to purchase the EVX token is on the Binance Exchange after buying the token you can store them safely with myetherwallet.

Everex (EVX) Crypto Review: The Team

Everex is based out of crypto friendly Singapore, and the team is composed of four highly qualified individuals and five advisors all of which are proven in their related specialties.

Everex has partnered with prominent companies in the Fintech fields such as ValidityLabs, ViewFin, Holley and many others.

Everex (EVX) Blockchain Review: Marketing Strategy

The Everex team has done well marketing the token thus far, and they seem to have a significant following on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. What surprised me the most was that Everex has many Youtube videos I was happy to see that they are promoting their brand with video marketing. Often I see many crypto projects hardly use Youtube which is unfortunate as it’s an excellent platform for increasing brand awareness.

They also have a blog where they post frequent updates about recent developments and partnerships.

Everex (EVX) Cryptocurrency Review: Investment Analysis

I’m pretty bullish on this crypto project I see many good signs that point to Everex having a bright future. The fact that Everex has already created many successful crypto products that I already enjoy using is a telling sign of what’s to be expected from this token. I believe that the Everex project will be a great long-term hold for crypto investors that wish to add EVX to their portfolio.

(As always please do your research before investing in crypto projects this review is my own opinion and is not meant to be taken as investment advice.)

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