Aventus (AVT) Crypto Review: Ticket Sales Via Blockchain

Aventus (AVT) Crypto Review: Ticket Sales Via Blockchain
Aventus (AVT) Crypto Review: Ticket Sales Via Blockchain

Aventus (AVT) I have been following this crypto project closely it all began when I watched a documentary about how ticket fraud is rampant in the entertainment industry. Shady characters use bots to purchase tickets within seconds of being released for sale online and then mark up the price significantly on websites such as the centralized StubHub website.

It’s a grey area where the consumers and fans are the ones who are getting ripped off by these ticket resellers who profit on the masses and their devotion to particular artists. Unfortunately, the police consider this a petty crime and do not devote many resources to the prosecution of these shady characters. The paradise papers leaked this year and exposed many wealthy individuals and corporations participating in tax evasion.

What surprised me the most was that certain shady characters in the ticket reselling business were presented in the paradise papers and had used these tax shelters to hide their assets. Some of these individuals were earning millions of dollars.

So what’s an average joe to do? We can’t trust the centralized websites since they might be conspiring with these shady characters. I mean it’s not very hard to comprehend that higher ticket sales would benefit these ticket sales websites since it would often mean higher commissions for them.

Thankfully Aventus and the blockchain era is beginning with a decentralized blockchain Aventus hopes to reduce costs and fraud. I will be reviewing Aventus and the AVT token as a crypto investment. When I discuss cryptocurrencies I always cover four crucial areas such as the following:

* Introduction– What is Aventus?
* The Team– Who is behind this bold project?
* Marketing– Will they be able to market successfully?
* Investment analysis– Can investors earn a decent profit?

Aventus (AVT) Crypto Review: Introduction

The Aventus platform runs on the powerful Ethereum based network and the AventCoin(AVT) is the utility token in the Aventus protocol. The purpose of AVT is to work in conjunction with the Aventus ecosystem and ensure that the protocol operates autonomously, de-centrally, and with zero chance of fraud. AVT is used for stake weighted voting and consensus mechanisms for voting on the Aventus Platform. For more technical information you can view the whitepaper by clicking here.

Since AVT is an ERC-20 token you can store it easily on myetherwallet. The best exchange to purchase the AVT token is the popular Binance exchange since they have low fees.

The current Market cap is valued at $15,950,340 USD and the circulating supply of tokens is only 6,000,000 AVT with a total supply of 10,000,000 tokens.

Having a low market cap and supply of tokens should lead to a significant increase in the token valuation once the project matures.

Aventus finished their ICO on the 6th of September in under ten minutes. They raised 60k ETH in total, 30k presale, 16k white-list sale, and 14k during their public crowd sale.

Aventus (AVT) Token Review: The Team

Aventus and the team are based in London, Uk it’s great to see more UK crypto projects being developed. The team is composed of six experienced core team members and advisors. They have recently partnered with Townsend music to help assist them with technical needs. Townsend Music is an established leader in D2C service solutions and they have many high profile clients such as Ellie Goulding, The Prodigy, and many other Artists.

Aventus (AVT) Blockchain Review: Marketing Strategy

The team is doing well so far with their marketing and it’s a good sign as they will need to continue to marker well in order to gain more valuable partnerships in the future. Aventus is pretty transparent and you can reach them on popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit or LinkedIn.

The best way to keep in touch with updates on Aventus is to join them on Telegram or visit the Aventus personal blog.Also, they have a Youtube Channel where you can watch the core team members explain the Aventus platform.

Aventus (AVT) Cryptocurrency Review: Investment Analysis

The Aventus platform solves a major problem by eliminating ticket fraud and It’s one of the first companies in the blockchain space trying to solve this problem. I believe Aventus has done well marketing and forming partnerships. Combined with a low market cap and having a first mover advantage we likely should see an increase in the tokens valuation in 2018 once the project┬ámatures.

(As always please do your research before investing in crypto projects this review is my own opinion and is not meant to be taken as investment advice.)


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