SONM (SNM) Crypto Review:Fog Supercomputer

SONM (SNM) Crypto Review:Fog Supercomputer
SONM (SNM) Crypto Review:Fog Supercomputer

SONM (SNM) is a Global decentralized fog supercomputer that has a multitude of purposes such as computing from the site hosting to scientific computations. The SONM project differs from centralized cloud services since it functions as a decentralized network of devices that connect to the internet (IoT / Internet of Everything).

IOT is starting to gain more traction and will be important in the future. Crypto projects such as SONM, IOTA, and Raiden will be key players in developing technologies that will assist with the communication, exchange of data between devices and machine networks.

I will be reviewing SONM as a crypto investment for a more in-depth technical analysis of the SONM project; please make sure to visit their detailed whitepaper.

Highlights I will be covering in the review are as follows:

* SONM– Introduction
*The Team– Who are they?
*Marketing– Is the project implementing marketing strategies?
* Investment Analysis– Is SONM a good investment?

So Let’s get Started!!

SONM (SNM) CryptoCurrency Review- Introduction

SONM describes itself as a reliable cost-efficient fog supercomputer that is powered by the Ethereum network. SONM is useful for a multitude of purposes such as video rendering, mobile app hosting, video streaming and many other use cases.

SONM allows miners to acquire tokens (SNM) by allowing their smart devices to perform complex calculations on the network. Buyers are interested in SONM because it is more reliable, scalable and a cheaper alternative then current centralized cloud services.

SONM runs on the Ethereum network it’s token SNM is an ERC-20 token that you can store safely in your myetherwallet. I would recommend purchasing the token from the Binance exchange since the trading fees will be cheaper there.

SONM has a current market cap valued at USD 46,670,686 and a circulating supply of 359,600,000 SNM tokens with a maximum quantity of 444,000,000 SNM tokens.

SONM (SNM) Crypto Review: The Team

Sergey Ponomarev is the CEO and founder of SONM he has extensive experience in many programming languages and smart contracts. Anton Tiurin is a lead developer on the SONM project and is a senior Yandex software engineer (Russias Google).

Furthermore, I was able to research eight team members working on the SONM project. I also noticed that the SONM project has several job openings available this is often a good indicator that a crypto project is making progress and growing.

The SONM project also has some notable advisors that include: Max Kordek(Co-Founder & President of the Lisk Foundation ), Jaron Lukasiewicz who previously served as CEO of Coinsetter and worked as an investment banker for J.P. Morgan.

SONM has recently formed partnerships with other promising crypto projects such as Aion and Storj.

SONM (SNM) Blockchain Review: Marketing Strategies

SONM has done an excellent job in regards to marketing they have several followers on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

SONM has a personal blog where they often post recent developments about the SONM platform. They also have a popular thread on the Bitcointalk forum.

Viewing their Github activity, you can find many recent commits and developments which is another promising sign that the project is moving along nicely.

SONM (SNM) Fog Supercomputer: Investment Analysis

The SONM project has lot’s of upside, if it all works out as planned then the market cap should increase considerably once the project matures. The current market cap has lots of room to grow, and the token valuation is cheap at the moment.

It could be a good strategy for crypto investors to accumulate SNM tokens while the prices are low and hold the tokens until the project reaches its milestones. I consider this crypto investment to be best suited for long-term holders.

(As always please do your research before investing in crypto projects this review is my own opinion and is not meant to be taken as investment advice.)

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