Etherparty (FUEL) Crypto Review: Smart Contracts

Etherparty (FUEL) Crypto Review:Simplifying Smart Contracts
Etherparty (FUEL) Crypto Review:Simplifying Smart Contracts

Etherparty (FUEL) I had wanted to write a review on this crypto project for awhile now since it’s from Canada and the same province as Peculiarmonkeys. I had heard about Etherparty the first time through Facebook I have a mutual acquaintance that is friends with one of the lead developers on the project. It makes it a lot easier to be a crypto investor when people you respect are friends with members of the team, and as a local, it’s easier to spot legitimate crypto projects. I’m not a fan of too much government regulation, but it does mean that most blockchain companies that are starting from Canada will be a lot easier to trust than an ICO being run from countries with loose regulations.

I was initially concerned about the hack that took place during the recent ICO, and although the team did make appropriate measures to resolve the issue quickly and compensate investors for lost tokens, it still created doubts in my mind in regards to investing in Etherparty.

Hacking, unfortunately, happens to all forms of businesses no matter how large and profitable they are. Look at the recent Equifax hack for an example that it can happen to any company no matter how good their security is. I decided to dig deeper into Etherparty, and I’m glad I did in this review I will be analyzing the investment potential of Etherparty, and it’s token Fuel.

Highlights of the Etherparty review will be as follows:

* Etherparty- Introduction
*The Team- Overview of the team members and partnerships.
* Marketing- Etherparty marketing strategy
*Investment Analysis- Will this be a profitable investment?

Etherparty(FUEL) Cryptocurrency Review: Introduction

Etherparty is a simple to use platform that enables users to create, run, and manage smart contracts, that may potentially accelerate the growth rate of commercial and consumer adoption of blockchain technologies. Even though blockchain has the potential to change the foundations of commerce and data storage, the technology’s use by non-computer professionals has been restricted due to to a lack of easy to use consumer applications.

Fuel is the Token that runs on the Etherparty platform, and the token is essential to access and conduct tasks such as using the contract library, security testing, network fees, monitoring, and management of the whole smart contract process.

Fuel is an ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum network so you can store it securely in myetherwallet. The most reliable place to purchase the Fuel token is on the popular Binance exchange.

Etherparty has a current market cap valued at USD 17,433,956 and has a circulating supply of 479,249,753 FUEL tokens with a maximum lifetime supply being 1 billion tokens.

Crypto investors should note that half of the token supply is not in circulation so that could affect your investment in the future. However Etherparty has a low market cap, and if the project gains broad spread adoption, then the market cap will have lots of room to grow thus increasing the current token valuation considerably.

Etherparty (FUEL) Blockchain Review: The Team

The project is led by the strong team from Vanbex, a blockchain consultancy company that has been around since 2013. Vanbex’s clients include Dash, Factom, Storj, etc.

The team is quite large for a crypto project I was able to locate at least 23 team members from Vanbex.

Notable team members include:

Lisa Cheng, Founder & Head of R&D – Lisa’s Background is in business development and product strategies. She is the founder of the Vanbex Group.

Kevin Hobbs, CEO – Kevin is the CEO of Vanbex Group he has previously worked for Ensign Energy Services, FIRMA Foreign Exchange.

Important Partnerships: Vanbex is a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, JAXX(Digital Asset wallet), Blockchain@UBC (One of Canadas Top Research Institutes).

Prominent Advisors: Anthony Diiorio(CEO&Founder of Jaxx&Decentral, Ethereum Co-founder)

Industry Competitors: Blockcat, Agrello

Etherparty (FUEL) Crypto Review: Marketing Strategies

It seems like Etherparty is ready to ramp up it’s marketing efforts as I noticed several job postings searching for qualified social media marketers, community managers, content writers. Furthermore, they already have a significant presence on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.

They have a blog where they post frequently and announce partnerships such as the recent Polymath partnership.They also have a Bitcointalk thread where investors communicate with one another about the prospects of the project.

It appears that Etherparty has been working hard on the project you can view their recent commits on Github. I consider this to be a good sign and necessary to investigate before investing in a crypto project.

Etherparty (FUEL) Token Review: Investment Analysis

Since Etherparty is a new project, they will need time to mature; They will soon be increasing their marketing efforts so that alone should bring in more investors and increase the token valuation.

I believe Etherparty might be an excellent long-term investment and is best suited for investors who are willing to wait until the platform completes essential milestones.

(As always please do your research before investing in crypto projects this review is my own opinion and is not meant to be taken as investment advice.)


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