EOS (EOS) Crypto Review: DPOS Blockchain

EOS (EOS) Crypto Review: DPOS Blockchain
EOS (EOS) Crypto Review: DPOS Blockchain

EOS (EOS) is a new promising crypto project that functions as a DPOS blockchain the project will be launched in the summer of 2018. However, due to its unique ICO, many new crypto investors and enthusiasts believe it to be a scam.

Eos recently released Dawn 2.0 and a public testnet weeks ahead of schedule, so it seems like a perfect time to write about this blockchain platform. The review will not be technical, but instead, I will cover EOS as a crypto investment.

When I analyze crypto projects, I tend to focus on four key areas such as the following:

* EOS- Introduction
*The Team- Who is developing EOS?
* Marketing- Can EOS market the blockchain successfully?
*Investment Analysis- Will EOS be a profitable investment?

EOS (EOS) Blockchain Review: Introduction

EOS is a Delegated proof of stake(DPOS) blockchain project that is being developed by BlockOne. The EOS ICO will run for one year until it’s launch date in the summer of 2018. Currently, investors can purchase the EOS tokens on popular exchanges such as KuCoin orĀ Binance. Since it’s an ERC-20 token investors can safely store it in myetherwallet until the platform launches then it can be redeemed for tokens that function on the EOS network.

The EOS platform aims to improve upon current blockchain technology that competitors operate such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Some of the major highlights of the EOS Platform are the following:

*EOS processes 300,000 transactions per second by using graphene technology, asynchronous communication, and multi-thread parallel processing. 3 seconds block time (maximum 6 seconds).

*EOS tokens also serve as a voting instrument for DPOS. EOS Token holders can actively take part in deciding block producers. Voters will have the power to rid rogue delegates found acting maliciously on the platform.

* The EOS blockchain enables programming in many standard languages such as C, C++, Rust, and solidity. The Web assembly language used can compile numerous languages.

* EOS provides user-friendly account names and identifiers that will be in a readable format. Token holders Accounts will also become recoverable if EOS users happen to lose their password.

The EOS blockchain offers many other essential functions that will be useful for users and developers for more technical information; please visit their whitepaper by clicking here.

EOS has a current market cap valued at approx USD 2,274,741,865 and a circulating supply of 521,380,604 EOS tokens and a fixed total of 1,000,000,000 tokens.

EOS (EOS) Cryptocurrency Review: The Team

The BlockOne team that is primarily responsible for developing the EOS platform is composed of highly accomplished developers and industry-leading experts. Notable team members include:

*CEO-Brendan Blumer is the CEO and founder of BlockOne. He is also the publisher of EOS.Brendan’s other significant accomplishments include starting okay.com a popular property website that has become Hong Kongs largest digital property agency.

*CTO-Dan Larimer- IS the CTO of BlockOne and the lead developer of the EOS platform. Dan is the Creator of Bitshares and co-founder of Steemit. He worked closely with Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto when Bitcoin was in its infancy. Dan also is the CEO of Cryptonomex a blockchain tech consulting company that he founded with his father, Stan Larimer.

The BlockOne team has a total of 35 team members who seem to be some of the brightest in the blockchain industry. The EOS project is also backed by some notable partners which include:

*FenBushi Capital
*Blockchain Capital
*HyperChain Capital

EOS (EOS) Token Review: Marketing Strategy

The EOS year long ICO scheme has raised a significant amount of capital, and it’s still ongoing with six months left before it concludes. The ICO has been one of the most successful of 2017 thanks to nobody wanting to miss out on investing in EOS and its talented team members.

Eos has done well in regards to social media marketing they have a significant following on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. Furthermore, investors can find frequent updates on the EOS Website. The EOS team can also be often seen speaking at prominent blockchain conferences.

Overall they do an excellent job of marketing especially considering all of the capital they have raised thus far with a project still months away from its launch date.

EOS (EOS) Crypto Review: Investment Analysis

If you’re interested in investing in EOS, then I’m afraid the best time would have been a couple of months ago when it was trading under a dollar if you buy EOS now you will still be likely to make good gains leading up to the launch date.

Furthermore, many active projects are already happening on the Ethereum network and other alternative blockchains such as NEO, Ardor, and Waves it could be hard to persuade developers to use the EOS platform which is still far away from its launch date. Six months is a long time in the crypto world after all.

EOS seems like better technology, but sometimes better tech or products do not always win out. It remains to be seen if EOS can compete or attract the developers and projects it needs to be successful.

Crypto Investors might be able to capture better gains with other projects in the meantime such as Bitcoin, Iota, etc. There is no need to tie up your hard earned money in a project that is half a years away from being launched.

(As always please do your research before investing in crypto projects this review is my own opinion and is not meant to be taken as investment advice.)

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