Ambrosus (AMB) Crypto Review: Supply Chain 2.0

Ambrosus (AMB) Crypto Review: Supply Chain 2.0
Ambrosus (AMB) Crypto Review: Supply Chain 2.0

Ambrosus (AMB) Is a blockchain company that aims to provide a safer and more transparent supply chain management system that will result in an efficient supply system. Ambrosus focus is primarily based on food and medical supply systems since they are often vulnerable to contamination or fraudulent activities.

Some essential use cases that Ambrosus is trying to improve upon within the global food supply systems is food safety and contamination, food origins and tracing, logistic sustainable improvement.

Another vital sector Ambrosus aims to disrupt and improve upon is the pharmaceutical industry. Companies using Ambrosus technology will be able to prevent counterfeit medicine and ensure quality control such as medications are stored at appropriate temperatures from the country of origin to the final destination.

So let’s begin our review of this promising crypto company, and it’s potential as a cryptocurrency investment. In the Ambrosus review, I will be covering four key topics that I believe are necessary to consider before investing significant capital in a blockchain project.

The four areas that I will be covering will be the following:

*Introduction- What is Ambrosus and it’s native token Amber?
*The Team- Who is behind the crypto project?
*Marketing- Is Ambrosus able to increase brand awareness?         *Investment potential- Can the project be lucrative for investors?

Ambrosus (AMB) Crypto Review: Introduction

The Ambrosus network has a mission to provide efficiencies in the global supply chain. The company has a dedicated team of world-renowned experts in sensor technology, data integrity and supply chain management.

At the heart of the Ambrosus platform is an end to end integrative technical solution that has many attributes such as protocol layers and developer tools plus hardware and essential software.The Ambrosus protocol and software layer plus it’s distributed technologies operate on the Ethereum network and will enable data from IoT devices to be monitored on its decentralized system.

The native token Amber (AMB) is an ERC-20 compliant token that serves a vital utility service on the Ambrosus platform. The Amber token is the world’s first data bonded token that is utilized to gather environmental, biological and logistical information for the Ambrosus supply chain while attached to products in transit between counterparties. The Amber token can also function as a transfer of value on the Ambrosus network.

Ambrosus is an ERC-20 based token so it should be safely stored in a secure wallet such as myetherwallet, and the best exchange to purchase the Amber (AMB) token is on the popular Binance exchange. Ambrosus has a current market cap valued at USD 75,161,714 and a circulating supply of 144,590,975 AMB tokens with a total fixed amount being 361,477,438 AMB.

Ambrosus has a lower market cap compared to similar crypto projects such as Vechain.What this could mean is that the company in the future has the possibility and room to grow it’s market cap significantly as the technology and organization become more established.

For a more technical explanation of the Ambrosus network, you can view their whitepaper by clicking here.

Ambrosus (AMB) Blockchain Review: The Team

Many of the core team members reside in crypto friendly Switzerland. The team is rapidly expanding and at the time of writing this article is composed of twenty-two dedicated and highly driven individuals. Some of the team members include the following individuals:

Angel Versetti-CEO: Is an expert investor and has invested in numerous startups and cryptocurrencies. Angel has previously served as an advisor to the United Nations and World Resources Forum on investments in emerging sustainable technologies and social innovation. Angel is a world-renowned expert in innovative technologies and can often be found speaking at prominent blockchain conferences and economic forums.

Dr. Stefan Meyer-CTO: Stefan has a total of 20 years of industry experience in regards to R&D of food analysis, sensors, and data encryption technology. He has led R&D projects at large corporations such as Nestlé, MHM Microtechnique, and Vitargent Biotech and was a founding managing director at the integrative Food and Nutrition Center at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Dr. Vlad Trifa– Chief product officer- Is an internet of things pioneer Vlad is the Founder of Web of Things and former Head of Digital Lab at Swisscom. He has created numerous IOT platforms and solutions for fortune 500 companies and was selected as a top five expert in the IOT sector.

Prof Jean-Paul Sandoz-Lead Engineer: Is a highly regarded expert in the field of analog-to-digital signal processing for ultrasound sensors. He has over 40 years of industry experiences in sensor and microelectronics technologies.

I have listed a few notable advisors below:

Parity Technologies-Technical Advisor: They are behind one of the most advanced Ethereum client and wallet applications. Some of the Parity technologies team members were also heavily involved in the early days of the Ethereum network such as Dr.Gavin Wood one of the co-founders of the Ethereum blockchain.

Oliver Bussmann– Strategic Advisor: Oliver is the President of the Crypto Valley Association and a founder of Bussmann Advisory. Previous work-related experiences include serving as the CIO at UBS, CIO at SAP and CIO at Allianz North America & Mexico, in addition to having held executive roles at Deutsche Bank and IBM.


Some Partners, supporters, and investors include Kenetic Capital, Parity technologies, Bitcoin Suisse AG. Many other interested parties are in contact with the Amborosus team but due to nondisclosure agreements that have been signed, they will not be able to confirm partnerships until details are negotiated and finalized. 2018 will be a massive year for the Ambrosus team, and I believe they will announce more partnerships in the upcoming months.

Ambrosus (AMB) Cryptocurrency Review: Marketing Strategy

Angel Versetti (CEO) has stated during a recent Reddit AMA that he plans to expand marketing efforts at the beginning of 2018 so we should see more strategies utilized to gain attention and supporters during the first quarter of 2018.

At the moment they have a blog where they post frequent updates in regards to Ambrosus developments. Their social media presence is not that large compared to other crypto projects but it is growing, and as mentioned above I expect this to change once they focus more on the marketing aspects in 2018.

Besides reading their blog posts; Social media sites such as Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook seem like good venues to find up to date information in regards to the Ambrosus project.

Ambrosus (AMB) Network Review: Investment Analysis

I consider Ambrosus to be one of the most promising projects of 2018 and given the strength of its team and advisors. I foresee increased adoption in 2018 for the Ambrosus network. The Amber token has a real utility case, and the team is composed of leading experts in its field. If the crypto market collapsed today in a similar style like the dot-com bubble then Ambrosus, in my opinion, would be one of the few companies left standing.


(As always please do your research before investing in crypto projects this review is my own opinion and is not meant to be taken as investment advice.)

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