Resources for Crypto and Blockchain Investors

Resources for Crypto and Blockchain Investors

Being new to the crypto/blockchain scene is no easy task it’s like discovering a whole new world that has been hiding from right underneath your nose.

PeculiarMonkeys has decided to compile a list of links that will be helpful for new crypto Investors and advanced crypto traders.

(Disclaimer) The list below does feature a few affiliate links(Most are non-affiliate links) by joining under our affiliate links the proceeds help cover the costs of running our website.

Useful Informational Resources for Crypto and Blockchain Investors:

In the cryptocurrency world, its essential to learn about key players such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

I have listed some handy documents that will enhance your knowledge of these critical technologies.

The Bitcoin White Paper– by Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto

Ethereum Homestead Documentation– Collaborative effort from volunteers of the Ethereum Community.

Ethereum Foundation– A Swiss nonprofit organization with a mission to assist the Ethereum platform by promoting the technology.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance– Aims to connect Fortune 500 companies,startups and the masses with Ethereum experts.


Social Media and other Popular Crypto websites:

CryptoCompare-Shows live information about crypto prices and market capitalization. Also functions as a forum and review site.

Coin Market Cap– comprehensive list of cryptocurrencies and the market capitalizations that they hold.

Reddit has some of the most active crypto communities in regard to social media platforms so here is a list of the largest ones:

List of websites that track Ethereum and Bitcoin transactions:

Etherscan– Verify Ether transactions have been processed

Ethplorer– View transactions, balances and the Top 50 Ether tokens trading volume in the last 24 hours.– View Bitcoin transactions

Bitinfocharts– Useful website with lots of stats. The one stat that I found to be the most useful was viewing the average transaction fees for Ethereum, Bitcoin and other crypto coins. GAS)– Important site for finding how much gas you will need to cover Eth transactions.

Popular Crypto Forums:

Bitcointalk– The most popular crypto forum

Blackhatworld– Excellent forum for SEO and has a lot of great crypto info.

Popular Main Stream Crypto News sites:

Coindesk– Has many good crypto-related news articles

Cointelegraph– Another great crypto news website.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) News Sites:

ICOAlert– Information on upcoming and past ICOs

CoinSchedule– Covers upcoming ICOs and completed ICOs

Popular Exchanges:

Coinbase/GDAX– Is one of the most well-known and reputable exchanges it is also among the easiest exchange to convert fiat currency to Bitcoin or Ethereum and Litecoin.

KuCoin– Swapping tokens and cryptocurrencies have never been easier this is one of my favorite exchanges for quick trades and often lists new coins before other exchanges.

Binance– The largest trading platform for altcoins it lists not only Bitcoin and Ethereum but many important altcoins.

QuadrigaCX-Being from Canada we had to list our largest and most trusted exchange website.QuadrigaCX is great to use especially when withdrawing crypto profits to fiat as they have Interac e-transfers enabled.



Decentralized Exchanges:

At the moment decentralized exchanges are not very user-friendly that is why I would recommend to wait until the technology is developed in 2018. There will be more user-friendly decentralized exchange platforms being launched in 2018 such as Waves,Kyber,etc.

Mining: Mining can cost a lot of upfront capital especially when starting out in crypto you will need to be careful when selecting which cryptocurrency you decide to mine. Also, you will need to factor in electricity costs and be cautious of overheating the mining equipment. Additionally, I would avoid choosing cloud mining contracts as it’s not very profitable.

Bitcointalk-I recommend checking out the mining section in this popular forum if you wish to learn more about mining.


Securing your cryptocurrencies in a safe storage wallet is important. Crypto investors should never leave large amounts of  cryptocurrencies in centralized exchanges as they could be hacked or shutdown. Below is a list of the most popular wallets in the crypto industry.


Ledger Nano S– Is one of the most popular cold storage hardware wallets in the crypto world and it supports major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other coins.

Trezor – Another popular cold storage hard ware wallet accepts most of the major cryptocurrencies and ERC-20 tokens.

Myetherwallet– This is my favorite wallet to use if you wish to hold Ethereum or any ERC-20 based tokens. Also, this wallet comes in handy while investing in ICOs that run on the Ethereum blockchain.

Metamask– Functions as an Ethereum based browser and wallet.