EthLend (LEND) Crypto Review: Blockchain Lending Platform

Ethlend (LEND) Crypto Review: Blockchain lending

EthLend (LEND) is a crypto company with a mission to provide consumers with a fair and accessible decentralized peer to peer crypto lending platform while also running on the robust Ethereum blockchain network. The Ethlend platform utilizes smart contract technology, so the lending process is fully transparent and trustless. All of the borrowings on the Ethlend platform are secured with collateral such as cryptocurrencies and ENS domains.

I believe Ethlend could be a good investment for crypto investors in this review I will be covering key areas that I think are essential to consider before making a substantial investment in a cryptocurrency.

Key Areas that I will analyze in this review will be the following:

Introduction: What is EthLend?
The Team: Who is behind the project?
Marketing: Can the project attract users and adoption?
Investment Analysis: Could EthLend be a profitable investment?

Ethlend (LEND) Crypto Review: Introduction

Ethlend is a crypto to crypto decentralized lending platform, the company will not hold any of the borrowers or lenders assets. Ethland instead uses smart contract technology so that borrowers and lenders can exchange with one another in a fair and transparent manner. The lender receives collateral from the borrower, in the form of cryptocurrencies and ENS domains.If the borrower is unable to pay back the loan within the agreed conditions, the collateral is transferred to the lender via smart contract technology.

Lend is the ERC-20 token that can be used on the Ethlend platform holders receive benefits such as the following:

* LEND token holders reive 25% discounts on the platform (loan request fee and loan funding fee). Other cryptocurrencies can be used on the platform, but you will no receive this benefit.

* The LEND token provides access to features on the Ethlend platform that other cryptocurrencies are unable to access. Some of the features that are exclusive to LEND token holders are loan listings and email marketing campaigns for new loan requests.

*Ethlend will use profits from the transactions fees on the platform to buy back tokens and then reward them to borrowers and lenders. Also, Ethlend plans to pay users in tokens who refer new users to the platform.

Since LEND is an ERC-20 based token that runs on the Ethereum network one of the safest places to store them is in myetherwallet, and the best exchange to purchase LEND tokens is on the popular Binance crypto exchange.

Ethland has a current market cap valued at USD 59,668,098 with a circulating supply of 940,000,000 LEND tokens and a total fixed supply of 1,299,999,942 LEND tokens.

Ethlend (LEND) Blockchain Review: The Team

Ethlend has a relatively large dedicated team of 20-50 employees many who work on a part-time basis. I have listed some of the team members below:

Stanislav Kulechov– Is the founder of the EthLend platform he is a busy fellow since he is also pursuing his Master’s degree in law at the University of Helsinki.

Jordan Lazaro Gustave– Head of Management at EthLend his past work experiences include being a country risk analyst for ENGIE and co-founder of TextFugees a web-based application that allows organizations to communicate crucial information to refugees in their native languages.

Notable Advisors include:

Jon Matonis– Founding Director of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Wulf Kaal– A renowned expert in Blockchain Applications.

Ada Jonuse– Co-founder of blockchain app Lympo and previous work experience at organizations such as the European Parliament and UN.

Ethlend (LEND) Token Review: Marketing Strategy

Overall they do a good job with marketing they have a significant amount of followers on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and they do seem to post/tweet frequently new developments there.

Ethlend has taken advantage of video marketing by uploading quality YouTube videos that explain the benefits of the Ethlend platform. I am often surprised at how many crypto projects often neglect to take advantage of YouTubes far reach.

One concern as a new user would be that when I click on the website’s homepage and click the Live Dapp link, it gives me an error message since I have not installed metamask. Although I realize I need metamask many new users will not know this. To attract more customers I believe the developers should fix this link.

Ethlend (LEND) Cryptocurrency Review: Investment Analysis

I expect that the token valuation will increase with adoption and new members joining the EthLend platform. Furthermore, with significant enhancements and features being implemented in 2018 on the Ethlend platform; I believe now might be an excellent opportunity to start accumulating the tokens.

Ethlend currently has a small market cap for a crypto project; I believe that the token will have lots of room to grow in price valuation. The company also plans to buy back the tokens; so that should provide an incentive for investors to hold and utilize the platform. For a more technical review be sure to view their whitepaper by clicking here.

(As always please do your research before investing in crypto projects this review is my own opinion and is not meant to be taken as investment advice.)

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