Request Network (REQ) Crypto Review: Payment Network

Request Network (REQ) Crypto Review: Payment Network

Request Network (REQ) Is a decentralized network that runs on the powerful Ethereum Blockchain platform REQ allows anyone anywhere in the world to request a payment and get paid. The project has potential and seems undervalued at the moment due to all of the recent Bitcoin hard fork drama. If some of you were lucky and followed my recent reviews last week about investing in Monero, ETC then congratulations you would have made a lot of profits without having to get involved in any Bitcoin/BCH politics.

I will be conducting an investment review of this exciting cryptocurrency project. I will go over four key areas that I believe are important before making any significant cryptocurrency investment.


The Four key areas I will be reviewing are the following:

* Request Network: Introduction.
* REQ Team- Are they legitimate.
* Marketing- Is the team marketing the project well.
* Investment Analysis- Is it a profitable investment


Request Network (REQ) Cryptocurrency Review: Introduction

We know it’s run on the Ethereum platform so it’s an ERC-20 based token which is excellent as you can easily store it in myetherwallet. It’s a decentralized network where users can accept payments from anyone in the world safely, and it works with every primary global currency.

The Request Network prides itself on being flexible and plans on sticking around for a long time. It can operate with IoT and future systems. It has many use cases such as online payments, invoicing and budget transparency which governments and world organizations could find beneficial as it would cut down on corruption affecting the current agencies.

It has a current market cap of USD 30,198,043 and a circulating supply of 636,000,000 REQ tokens with a fixed total supply of 1,000,000,000 REQ tokens.

For more technical information about the Request Network, you can visit their White paper by clicking here.


Request Network (REQ) Blockchain Review: The Team

The team is formed by six highly motivated individuals who have already founded a successful company Moneytis. The team is experienced and has been around the blockchain scene for many years now. One of their advisors Gilles Fedak also caught my attention as he is the co-founder of a crypto project called and as you know, I’m a big fan of that project you can read my review here.

Request Network was also built and supported by other crypto projects such as Civic, OX, and Aragon. The Request Network parent company is Moneytis which is somewhat similar to how Omisego supports the OMG token.

They also have a relationship with ING Group the Dutch multinational banking and financial services giant. ING groups reported revenue was 17.49 billion EUR(2016) so for them to partner with REQ is a big deal.

I have also noticed another essential partner they have is Y Combinator the company has successfully funded many startups in the past such as Reddit, Airbnb, Dropbox and many other famous groups.

 Request Network (REQ) Crypto Review: Marketing Strategy

Having just completed their ICO I expect them to start marketing soon, and I already can tell that the team is very interactive and will do an excellent job in this regard. They can easily be found on social media sites such as Reddit or Twitter, and they have been active on Github which is always a great sign as it shows that they are working hard on the project. If you would like to follow their recent blog postings you can check it out by clicking here.

Request Network (REQ) Blockchain Review: Investment Analysis

I see many positive attributes to this project, and I’m sure it will do well in the upcoming months. It’s also an excellent time to buy since it’s below the initial ICO price. The project reminds me of OMG in so many ways, and I feel that the Request Network market cap can easily go way higher in the future. This investment would be best suited for longterm holders as it should have a good future.

As always this is not investment advice just my own personal thoughts on why REQ could do very well in the future.If your interested in purchasing the Request Network token the easiest place to purchase REQ at the moment is on the Binance exchange.

(As always please do your research before investing in crypto projects this review is my own opinion and is not meant to be taken as investment advice.)


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