Ripio Credit Network (RCN) Crypto Review

Ripio Credit Network (RCN) Crypto Review: Helping the Unbanked

Ripio Credit Network (RCN): Ripio’s primary mission is to offer digital payment solutions within anyone’s reach at the moment they seem to be focusing on the South American region of the world where 65% of the populace remains unbanked.

The Ripio Credit Network functions as a protocol that strives to bring further transparency and stability to the credit and lending sectors. The Ripio Credit protocol allows users of the network to use peer-to-peer lending services, regardless of where the lender and borrowers live, and the currency they use.

By offering a cheaper alternative to traditional banking brokerage costs and fees, Ripio provides better conditions for its users thus creating a better credit solution for borrowers than what’s currently available on the market.

Ripio will be providing an intermediary agent ( Cosigner), by doing this the Ripio Credit Network aims to reduce the lender’s overall credit risk. If the borrower decides to default, Ripio can assist with managing the debt collection regardless of where the borrower resides.

I will be reviewing the Ripio Credit Network, and it’s native token RCN as a crypto investment, and it’s possible potential. As usual, when I discuss crypto projects I analyze four key areas that I deem essential to consider before making a sizeable investment in a blockchain project. The four key areas that I will be investigating are the following:

* Introduction- What is Ripio?
*The Team- Who is behind the project?
*Marketing- Are they promoting the project efficiently?
*Investment Analysis- Final thoughts about the project.

Ripio Credit Network (RCN) Token Review: Introduction

The Ripio Credit Network can be described as a global credit network that is based on cosigned smart contracts that will connect lenders and borrowers from any location in the world and with any fiat currency that they choose to use. The Ripio smart contracts provide access that allows agents to confirm information in regards to the borrower’s identity so that the agents can then analyze the borrower’s credit risk without bias, therefore standardizing credit lending through blockchain technologies.

The Ripio credit network has a native token named RCN that is an ERC-20 token, so it runs on the robust Ethereum network. The best place to purchase the RCN token is on the popular Binance exchange after buying the tokens you can then store it in a safe, secure online wallet such as myetherwallet.

The RCN Token has two primary functions:

(1) RCN tokens have to be used for lenders to access the Ripio Credit Network platform (2) The RCN tokens are needed to compensate agents of the platform. If the Ripo network becomes popular and widely used, then the RCN token investors should expect a further increase in price valuation as the token is a necessary part of the platform. Borrowers will still be paid out in fiat currencies thus increasing widespread adoption of the network.For a more technical analysis of the Ripio network and it’s token dynamics, please check out the Ripo Whitepaper by clicking here.

At the time of writing this article Ripio has a current market cap that is valued at USD 150,829,220. The RCN token has a circulating supply of 490,033,009 tokens and a fixed total amount of 999,942,647 RCN tokens.

Ripio Credit Network (RCN) Cryptocurrency Review: The Team

The Ripio project is headquartered in the Grand Cayman, Cricket​ ​Square it is an experienced company in the blockchain sector, and some of the 14 team members have been working in the industry since 2013. Below I have listed some of the Team members, Advisors, Partners of the Ripio credit network,


Sebastian Serrano– CEO&Founder: Began learning to program at the age of 7 and assisted with building the first Internet Service Provider in his hometown of Patagonia.

David Garcia-SVP & Partner: Also serves as a managing partner at crypto assets fund and some of his Past work experiences include being the CEO& Co-founder of

Andres Fleischer– Head of operations&Admin: Past work experiences include working as an accounting analyst at IBM.


Sergio Demian Lerner: Co-founder & Chief Scientist
at RootStock (RSK)

Juan Llanos: Fintech & Regtech Lead
at Consensys

Jeff Stewart: Co-founder & Chairman
at Lenddo

Steven Nerayoff: Ethereum co-creator, CEO at Alchemist Ventures


Kyber Network
Ethereum Enterprise Alliance

Institutional Backers:

FBG Capital
Blockchain Investors Consortium
Blocktower Capital
BNK to the future

Ripio Credit Network (RCN) Crypto Review: Marketing Strategy

So far Ripio is doing well at bringing brand awareness to their project, considering the project is still in alpha phase. I believe crypto investors can expect to see more of a marketing push within the second quarter of the year before they launch their completed platform.

The Ripo credit network has a growing fanbase on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. However, I noticed some improvements that could be made in regards to their marketing strategy.

Implementations that might be useful:

Youtube Marketing strategy: I was unable to find an official channel which is unfortunate since video marketing is a great way to explain the platform benefits and increase its user base.

Blog posts: I noticed that they often post updates through, but I could not find an official link from the Ripio website. I believe Ripio could benefit by adding the link to their website.

Reddit: The current Reddit link on the Ripio official website links to a smaller community that is not very active. They might benefit by switching the link to the more popular Reddit Ripio credit network community since it’s three times larger and more active.

Ripio Credit Network (RCN) Crypto Review: Investment analysis

I like how Ripio focuses on Latin America and the vast unbanked population that lives there. The Ripio credit network has an excellent business plan since borrowers will not need to deal or have any knowledge of cryptocurrencies to qualify for a fiat loan. At the current price valuation, I consider Ripio to be undervalued and believe this could be a good time to start accumulating tokens before a further price increase that is likely to happen once the platform launches and its usage grows.

*As always please do your research before investing in crypto projects this review is my own opinion and is not meant to be taken as investment advice.*

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