Modum (MOD) Crypto Review:Supply Chain

Modum (MOD) Crypto Review:Supply Chain

Modum (MOD) Is one of the few crypto projects on the market that already has a working product. They have successfully conducted a pilot study involving 43 companies tracking over 1,000 shipments with 500,000 data points.

I will be analyzing Modum, and it’s token MOD as a crypto investment. In this review, I will be covering four key areas that I believe are important before investing significant sums of capital into a cryptocurrency project.

The four critical highlights in this review will be the following:

*Introduction- What is Modum?
*The Team- Are they capable?
*Marketing- Can they increase brand awareness?
*Investment Analysis- Should I invest in this project?

So let’s begin!!

Modum (MOD) Token Review: Introduction

Modum is a system that utilizes the Ethereum network to provide data integrity and assist with supply chains for the pharma industry while maintaining a high level of data integrity, reliability, and independent verification process. The Modum system has many other unique characteristics that make it desirable for supply chain management. Modums systems and solutions assist companies to produce compliance with GDP regulations while utilizing blockchain and Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology.

The Modum token is an ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and gives users voting rights. Token holders can vote to determine if the objectives of the project were achieved or not. Modum token shareholders also benefit as they earn dividends from the tokens they hold.

Modum has a current market cap valued at approx USD 36,919,847 and has a ongoing supply of 17,366,200 MOD tokens and a total quantity of 27,266,200 tokens.

The best place to store the ERC-20 MOD tokens is in myetherwallet and the most user-friendly exchange to purchase the tokens is on Binance since the fees are low and the platform is simple to use.

Modum (MOD) Blockchain Review: The Team

Modum was formed in Zurich, Switzerland in 2016. The Modum team is up-and-coming they have won significant awards such as taking first place in the Kickstart Accelerator competition in 2016 Modum was chosen over 85 other companies from across the globe.

The Modum team is composed of thirteen team members and five advisors. Notable team members are as follows:

SIMON DÖSSEGGER-CEO– Masters in Robotics Engineering and past work experience as CEO of skybotix and management role at GoPro.

DR. STEFAN M. WEBER-COO– Ph.D. holder in experimental physics and is knowledgeable in the fields of the supply chain, sensors, and IoT.

PROF. DR. ERIK HOFMANN-Advisor- Currently works as the Vice-director, Supply Chain & Logistics Management, the University of St. Gallen.

Partnerships: Schaer Pharma, University of Zurich, Variosystems, Validity Labs, Lykke.

The Modum team is currently hiring which can often be taken as  a good sign.I prefer investing in crypto projects that are hiring as it usually means they are developing and growing the business.

Modum (MOD) Cryptocurrency Review: Marketing Strategy

Modum has an active presence on social media sites such as Twitter and Reddit. Besides these two outlets, you can find essential updates on the news section of the Modum website they seem to update investors frequently there.

They do a pretty decent job at marketing, but it would be nice if they could update and attract more investors by creating more videos on Vimeo and other sites such as Youtube.

Modum (MOD) Crypto Review: Investment Analysis

I believe Modum has a first mover advantage over fellow blockchain supply chain competitors such as Ambrosys, Provenance, Chronicled, WaltonChain. One of it’s strengths is that the Modum system is blockchain agnostic so it can run on other blockchains such as NEO, EOS, Waves, etc.

I believe that Modum could be beneficial for long-term investors as the low supply of tokens and market cap means that the token valuation has lots of room to grow. Also, users who hold MOD receive dividends which make this an appealing crypto to hold.

For a more technical analysis, you can view their whitepaper by clicking here.

(As always please do your research before investing in crypto projects this review is my own opinion and is not meant to be taken as investment advice.)


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